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That new year feeling

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Has anyone else got that new year feeling? Since 2018 began I've devised a new and improved weekly planner and tidied up my creative space. If that wasn't enough I have been cooking exclusively from cookbooks (I understand that this won't last long but I'm enjoying it for now) and have signed up for a 30 day yoga journey. Could my life as a female creative in her late-20s be any more clichéd? Apparently yes, because I've gotten back on that ol' blogging bandwagon too.

Last year I started creating weekly blog content for ecoHaven. To begin with, blogging once a week for another business felt quite daunting and I was surprised to discover that it took a lot out of me creatively, which is why this blog got a bit dusty. As with a lot of things, blogging got easier with practice and I think I've arrived at a place where I am keen to start ranting about stuff here too. I'd love to use this platform to talk about some collaborations I have been working on in 2018, new things on the horizon for Ruth Evenhuis Designs and to have a good old chat to anyone who wants to read.

Thank you to my customers and friends for your continued patience, kindness and support over the past year. This year my creative direction feels clearer, my health is continuing to improve and I'm bursting to tell you about all the things I've been working on + my dreams for the future.


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