Honest, thoughtful, distinctive, natural; from my hands to yours.

I am inspired by flora and natural forms, especially oceanic, wobbly shapes. My jewellery is handcrafted from ethically sourced silver, gold and powder coated stainless steel. I loves to incorporate sea glass collected from the beach. Working with reclaimed sea glass, I like to embrace the forms and textures the ocean has carved, allowing each piece of jewellery to be one of a kind.  I also produce art prints from my own illustrations, foil press printed on recycled paper.


I am conscious to minimise harm to the places I draws materials and inspiration from and I do my best to reduce waste whenever possible. I choose to use recycled paper and compostable packaging.


To do my small part for the environment, I donate $2 from each piece in my Tassie range to the Environmental Defenders Office.  

I've always been a creative person, but after a few years of feeling uninspired by other career avenues, I decided to take my creativity seriously. I packed up my trusty car and drove from Hobart to Wagga Wagga to study jewellery design and business studies. Near the end of my uni degree, I saved $2000, quit my part-time job and launched my label, selling jewellery online from the shed in my share house. It was a terrifying and exciting time.

I later moved back home to Tasmania to continue my business. Due to illness, I had a few slow years, but creativity has always been there, waiting for me to return. I turned, adding more designs to my collection and branching into illustration.


I am excited to be sharing my work with you! Send me an email or hit me up on Instagram or Facebook if you want to chat jewellery and design.



My journey