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Uncertainty and newness

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Initial disclaimer: This is one of those posts where I get all personal yet oddly vague.

This past month has been full. I’ve been working casually at my day job, making jewellery, painting, drawing illustrations for prints (sneak peak of what to expect below) and throwing myself into some new work. My ‘new’ work entails content writing and doing some marketing and design miscellany for two clients. One of the jobs is a bit more of a passion project and feels familiar, the other job feels big, challenging, unfamiliar, overwhelming at times and a bit scary, but so rewarding and a great learning and growth opportunity. I didn’t think it would feel like this - so big and scary at times - but it does and I’m trying to be okay with that.

Fear often prevents me from moving forward and every step in this scary direction can feel like I’m trying to walk in gumboots through soft, wet concrete. I’ve recently been feeling a bit stuck (don’t let the concrete set!). What to do?! After spending a few days feeling the fear and staying stuck, this past week I’ve been trying to just do it and see how it feels.

It feels easier to be procrasti-baking, tidying, alphabetising literature or doing anything other than floating down the stream of newness, but when I take a deep breath and let myself feel scared and then make a little bit of progress, things start to work, to just happen. It feels like amazing progress - even when it’s just a little bit - and I know that I’m getting so much out of just saying yes to new opportunities.

My new work has its perks and I’ve already met with some amazing business women, tasted some delicious new food, learned some new skills and have even been given free tickets to a social media event with The League of Extraordinary Women - where I met even more amazing business women. I’d love to share more of what my new work looks like but for now it’s going to be one of those watch-this-space things.

I promise I'll share more when the time is right! To see a few other projects and commisions I’ve been working on, head to the commissions page.



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