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Overdressed Market: falling in love with preloved

Preloved clothing often gets a bad rap. The word ‘secondhand’ can conjure up images of stale, faded, lacklustre clothing in stretched out poly-cotton with that lingering mothball smell. Ugh! Thankfully at Overdressed Market, this image could not be further from the truth.

I’ve been to secondhand clothing markets before, but this was my first time at Overdressed Market. I turned up at 10am and joined the queue of excited shoppers. Yes, people were queueing up on a Sunday morning in winter. This was a good sign.

Peeking through the windows I could see a flurry of activity at the welcoming tables and started to catch the excitement bubbling from within the hall. As I made my way into the hall I was greeted with rows of curated preloved clothing. The quality of clothing and accessories surprised me in the best way possible way and included a lot of high street and designer brands mixed with unique handmade and vintage pieces. The quality of the event was also apparent with change rooms, coffee, cake, ample seating and music. Can you tell I was enjoying myself?

Wandering through the market, I overheard friends and previous strangers chatting about style, clothing and about the phases of life that their clothes represent. Stallholders were also eager to talk about their love affair with pattern, with texture, with beachside bohemian style, with fabulous heels and vintage clothing. Amongst all the single ladies, I was surprised by the amount of families that came. There were prams and little shoppers helping mum pick out something beautiful, often with Dad sitting patiently on a seat minding the bags with a coffee in hand.

I had a walk around before taking my camera out, so some of my favourite pieces had already been purchased, but you’ll have to believe me when I say that I found:

  • A beautiful Alice McCall dress

  • Some bubblegum coloured adidas sneakers

  • The most amazing navy blue vintage leather handbag

  • The sweetest little fluffy cardigan

  • The most perfect brogues

  • An incredible flower power jumpsuit from the 60s

My morning spent at Overdressed was much more fun than my usual shopping experience, without the guessing games that come with online, the cost that comes with brand new and the guilt that comes with buying fast fashion. Which begs the question: why don’t we do this more often? Judging by what I saw at Overdressed Market, it’s apparent that there are some seriously gorgeous clothes being hidden in closets all over Hobart. Needless to say, I’ve completely fallen in love with preloved and will be coming along to the next Overdressed Market.

Hope to see you there!

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