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I am super excited to announce that Ruth Evenhuis Designs is now donating to EDO Tasmania! I have somehow refrained from going on an emoji rampage but in my head its all love hearts, fist bumps, party confetti and happy faces.

Let's start at the beginning. After Tasmania's most recent House of Reps election, I was feeling a little despondent about the governance of Tasmania's wild and natural places. I wanted to do something to help but felt that my voice was too small. Absently scrolling my insta feed, I came across something amazing by Keep Tassie Wild. These guys are incredible and donate 50% of their profits to local Tasmanian Environmental charities. It suddenly hit me that I do have power. I have a local Tasmanian business that I can literally take in any direction I want and right now, I want to use it to help Tasmania's environment.

So, who are EDO Tasmania? The Environmental Defenders Office are a community legal service that give information and advice to Tasmanians, assisting with environmental and planning matters. EDO help with matters like forestry, coastal protection, water management, climate adaptation and protection of cultural heritage.

Our aim is to improve awareness of rights and responsibilities regarding resource management, and to help the community to secure better, long-term environmental outcomes.

- EDO Tasmania

I couldn't be more proud to be supporting EDO Tasmania with Ruth Evenhuis Designs, which is why for every pair of Tassie earrings sold, $2 will be donated to EDO Tasmania! This includes earrings sold on this website, as well as in shops that stock Ruth Evenhuis Designs. Yay!


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