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Behind the scenes: my new creative space

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

As I mentioned in the last blog post, I've moved house! Since giving myself time to settle, I've been able to get back into being creative (yay!), which at the moment looks like making lots of jewellery and getting ready for Cuckoo Artisan Market. I could chat ALL about how excited I am about Cuckoo but I should probably stick to the script.

Moving house means that my partner and I have a lot more space, giving me a good-sized room to use as an office/studio/place of creativity where I can draw, write, stretch, plan and do little bits of jewellery assembly in the comfort of home instead of my cold workshop. After living in a tiny apartment for a year, all of this room feels like such a luxury! When I first moved in I was tempted to add another desk and a dresser to the space, but I've decided to keep it as pared back as possible with plenty of space for stretching and lying on the floor drawing.

My not-entirely-minimalist but does-the-job desk.

This is where a lot of the action happens. I try to keep my desk neat but there's always going to be a couple of note books, some pens, some jewellery and some invoices hanging around. When I'm drawing the monitor gets pushed back and my drawing board comes out. In an attempt to single-task, I try to make a rule of only using one at a time.

My inspiration board.

I love my old-school inspiration board. I used to cram it full of pictures and debris but I'm trying to keep it as clutter-free as possible. I still have Pinterest boards full of ideas which I can access at a whim, but I'm experimenting with a quieter 'analogue' inspiration board to see if it helps me feel less overwhelmed by choice.

Not pictured:

Art supplies hiding in the desk.

An illustration and a woven wall hanging, both a bit daggy and cute, both made by me. I really wanted to take a photo of them but today's light made it almost impossible to make the iPad photo look any good.

My jars of shells.

A secondhand drawing board propping up a couple of pictures and hiding some pads of paper.

The floor with all it's space and possibilities. Boring to photograph but fun to dance on.

A yoga mat for when I need a lil' stretch.

A freestanding wooden wardrobe. Yep, this is a multi-purpose room and also holds all my clothes! Good thing I don't have many to hold.

This space - like everything else - is a work in progress and I'm sure it will see many an update and change, but I can't help but love it. Do you have a creative nook at your place too? I'd love to chat creative spaces with you.



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