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Hello! I'm excited to share my creative journey with you.

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Welcome to Ruth Evenhuis Designs and welcome to my blog! Today I registered my new business name, which feels so scary/good. I want Ruth Evenhuis Designs be a reflection of my values and interests, my creativity and a way of sharing myself with others - which is why I literally put Ruth Evenhuis in the name of my business. It is my goal to create with with intention and honesty, so hopefully naming the business after myself will keep me in check.

Let me take a step back.

I started a jewellery business a couple of years ago during the tail-end of Uni. It felt very grown-up to start a business and it was so fun to see my creations come to life but the novelty started to wear off when it became real-life and I've learned so much about myself since then. I've learned that I enjoy making jewellery, but I don't enjoy making lots of jewellery all the time. I went into this venture believing that as long as I was making something that was mine, I'd not only endure but enjoy every labour of love. Unfortunately (surprise, surprise) that wasn't the case and I started to feel trapped in this vocation I'd put so much time and effort creating for myself.

I know myself a bit better now.

I know that I love to dream, to design, to move, to craft, to write, to DIY, to plan and problem-solve, but most of all I love to draw. It was actually when I became quite unwell and was unable to use my hands properly for a couple of months that I discovered how much I missed holding a pencil and drawing. Drawing brings me so much joy and after tentatively sharing some of my scribbles with friends, I gained some confidence and started to think seriously about doing more of what makes me happy (drawing) and less of what doesn't.

With this in mind, I had to make some changes, not only to my personal life, but to my business.

Some of these changes included:

  • Brainstorming designs and products I want to produce in the future.

  • Re-naming and re-branding my business, making it flexible and inclusive enough to encompass an array of designs and products.

  • Designing a new website to fit with the re-brand.

  • Culling and altering the jewellery collection to better align my practice with my values, intentions, energy and passion.

And the drawings?

I'm moving slowly, but I have started to shift my business by refining some illustrations to be made into prints and possibly products. I hope to sell these on this website as soon as possible and I'm currently working on some exclusive pattern designs for private clients (which fills my heart with so much joy!)

What do you think? Have you found yourself at a similar crossroads? How did you navigate your way out? Please let me know by leaving a comment below. I'm also taking product suggestions for Ruth Evenhuis Designs so fire away!

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