Sustainability statement

Here’s what Ruth Evenhuis Designs is doing to address environmental impact, ethical business practices and sustainability:


Sourcing materials


  • I make my jewellery from ethically sourced silver, 9 carat solid gold and powder coated stainless steel. Unfortunately, I’m unable to use 100% recycled silver anymore, but what I use is a pretty good alternative (if you’re curious, have a read of my blog post).


  • To colour my steel works, I use powder coating. Powder coating is safer and better for the environment than using paint. It doesn’t contain any fluids to evaporate and doesn’t emit any VOCs.


  • I produce art prints from my own illustrations which are foil press printed in Australia on recycled paper.

Making jewellery

  • My silver comes in plastic zip-lock bags. I make sure to re-use the bags first, and when I have no need for them, they go into soft plastics recycling. 


  • Old saw blades, drill bits and other steel tools I can no longer use get recycled.


  • I melt down and re-use my silver until I can’t melt it down anymore. I then send it back to my supplier, who is able to refine the silver to give it a new life. 


  • I use a safe, non-toxic pickle (a solution the metal goes in after soldering). I neutralise the pickle with bi-carb before discarding it down the sink so that it doesn’t cause any acidification problems in waterways.


  • I do use emery paper to smooth out my jewellery, which can be toxic if you breathe in the silicon dust. I manage this by using a face mask when working and sweeping up after using emery paper to avoid contamination.

  • My jewellery cards have been made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper and digital-printed with environmentally friendly inks and toners.



  • I use jewellery boxes made from 100% recycled card and non-toxic tissue paper made from recycled materials.


  • I use Better Packaging Co for mailing out jewellery. These are 100% compostable, zero waste bags. I also use paper stickers on the outside of the mailers to try and reduce the need for plastic sticky tape or plastic stickers. I use these with 90% of my orders. Not all jewellery fits in the compostable mailers, so when this happens, I use the Australia Post bags.

  • Art prints are presented in 100% compostable cellophane packaging.


Giving Back

I donate $2 from each piece in my Tassie range to the Australian Environmental Defenders Office